Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Olympia Farmers Market

Back to Norwin and Karen's house to meet up before hitting the city for Farmers Market and antiquing.  Before we headed off, Norwin took the kids (and Petter) for a ride pulled by the tractor.  They went all around their property and saw where a baby fox lives after his family left him- the kids gave him a name and talked about him for days.
 The farmers market was so much fun, the kids loved the balloon man and everyone got a balloon from him

 Simeon got a hat, a sword, a parrot and a belt
 Olivia got a heart
 Jayda got a dog.
 After the market we went to a cute antique shop where I bought two big rectangle wire baskets, and Karen got me a lighthouse.  Laurel found a throw and some cute napkins.  We needed some food so we went to Anthony's for some seafood.  We sat out on the porch and had a beautiful view of the boats and water.

 When our bellies were full with clam chowder and delicious bread, we went for a little walk out to see the boats.  There was a tower that Olivia and I climbed up for a better view.
 Olympia is the Capital of Washington, I love this picture with the sail boats in front and the building in the background- again a view from the tower.
We met up with Brandi and her kids again for a visit to the Nisqually Bird Refuge.  We didn't see one single bird but enjoyed the walk around the park.  We will visit another time of year and hopefully see a bird or two.

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