Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 2: arrive in Washington

We started off the morning with a little breakfast and gathering at Laurel's old high school. They talked about some changes the school has made and the way it's still the same. Laurel had a great education- it was the "old way" of educating- more like a classical education, she even studied Latin. I would be tempted to put my kids in school if the schools around me were more like this one. They gave a tour of the school and it was cute to see all the memories flooding in for Laurel, and it was fun to meet her old boyfriend and some old friends.

In the parking lot the old Studebaker received some appreciation.
And then, on the road again...We drove by the Columbia river- what a beautiful river!

When we arrived at aunt Karen's house- the kids were happy to find chairs just for them
And sweet Karen welcoming us with open arms
It was the first time I'd been to Karen's house in Olympia, Washington and from the moment we drove up, I was in heaven. The house is surrounded by wetlands and huge evergreen trees, the weather was so nice and humid in the low 70's
Her house is the perfect ginger bread house and we loved staying there that first night. Jayda loved playing on the big piano in the front room and we all slept like babies after driving all day.

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