Monday, December 19, 2011

Family Talent

We had our Olsen Christmas party combined with a little birthday celebration for Petter.  It was a great party with great food and awesome talent.  Most of the grandkids participated and it was so fun to see all of the talent in the family.  Jayda played Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on the piano.  At one point people started singing along.

 Olivia played her recital pieces and did a great job.
 My nephew Hunter played a song he wrote on the piano with vocals.
 Petter and his sister enjoying the show- Simeon did a little song and dance (not pictured) and got some laughs.
 Hunter and Trevyn played a great song - they should start a band.
 And Drue did his dub step dancing (amazing!)
The party wouldn't be complete without a visit from Ule Nissen (sp?) our very own Norwegian Santa.
At first Simeon thought he looked pretty friendly....
 He welcomed him into the house.  When he got a closer look at that mask-
He ran for his life!!! It was hilarious! 
 Santa had goodies for everyone
Simeon warmed up to the bearer of gifts.  Merry Christmas!

Sunday morning decorating...

Next year... maybe I will be brave and bake gingerbread houses that we can decorate- but this year we just bought one.  The kids spent about an hour assembling and decorating their little house- the sounds they were making were like music to my ears- talking, getting along and letting each other take the lead on certain areas of the house. 

It turned out pretty great too!

Christmas Recital

Olivia had a Christmas recital and did such a fantastic job!  I was a very proud mama.  She played 3 songs- one solo, a duet and a song with 3 (what is that called- a trio?)

 Her teacher is so fabulous- she lets us come in the morning (which is great!) and she is so talented and great at teaching and inspiring- so glad we found her!
Listening to the beautiful Christmas music really put me in the mood for Christmas- bring it on!

Big Birthday Boy

Petter had a birthday right as I was getting over being sick- I had a head cold/sinus infection and a stomach bug at the same time- miserable.  His birthday was pretty low-key because of me.  We made delicious homemade pizza (one barbecue chicken, one spicy pepperoni and one cheese) and had apple dumplings instead of cake.  The food was delish.
 The kids gave him lots of love
 Olivia is joining a chess club so she takes every opportunity to practice, and my dad was into it.
Olivia has been learning songs on her Uke and played a little for her daddy.  I'm lucky to be married to a man who works so hard, supports me and the kids homeschooling and all the other things that keep us busy, spends quality time with all of his kids, is fun to be around and just an all around great guy.  Happy Birthday!

Scandinavian Christmas Party

My father in law is from Norway and so he loves all things Scandinavian.  For the past few years he has gotten tickets to the Ikea Christmas dinner.  Last year he brought our kids and this year Petter and I went too.  We all dressed in our Norwegian sweaters and other clothes and ate Marzipan and Salmon.
 This year, Jayda still fits in her dress but Olivia graduated to a sweater.  (My next goal: to learn how to knit Norwegian)
 Sim is obsessed with this sailor suit from Norway and wears it all the time with his red cowboy boots.

 Grandpa surrounded by many friends from his "Fish Club"
All the grandkids looking pretty adorable.  

Hippie knit hat

Jayda wanted a new hat this winter so I made her this quick circular knitted hat.  I think it looks kinda like a hippie hat- if I make another with this pattern I will make it a little longer so it covers the ears- still a cute, fun little hat.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

We ventured out on a cold day and picked our Christmas tree.  
 We have a place we like to go with our Petter's folks to pick the tree and we found a great one this year- the kids picked it out.  We were so concerned with the height of the tree that we didn't notice how fat it was.
 When we got it home we had to move it from the usual spot to a new location because it was too big.
 We had a great time decorating the tree, listening to Christmas music and spending time together as a family.
Real trees are a bit of a hassle but the smell that fills my house is worth it.

Wedding party

My little brother and Sam got married and the wedding was so much fun!  We got to see so many loved ones and people we don't get to see as often as we would like.
 My kids looked adorable

 Simeon lasted pretty good through the whole thing
 The bride and groom were happy and it was just how they wanted it.
 An amazing band played before the ceremony- my little brothers good friends

Over all a great day- we wish them all the best!

Birthday boy

My little superhero, Simeon, turned 4!
 He loves all things superhero and all things that require building.
 He had such a fun day: a birthday party with friends and cousins, and a little party later with family.  
 He had a superhero party- they played pin the cape on the superhero
 He got some great presents
 There was even a visit from Nacho Libre with some helpful tips and superhero moves
 more tricks

 Olivia wrote a song for his birthday and sang it with the help of Jayda and Bella
 Addison was here for Thanksgiving from Arizona
 Both sets of grandparents came
and the best part: Lemon Bundt cake! (he has grown up taste buds- we had shrimp for dinner)
Sim took a really long time thinking of a wish before he blew out his candles- hope it comes true!

Turkey Day

We spent Thanksgiving this year with Petter's family.  They always put on a good one.  Laurel and I cooked all day and by the time it was all ready, our appetites were gone (either from too much sampling, or too much time around food)  but they came back and we ate plenty.
 The 22 pound turkey got gobbled up
 the table looked beautiful
 I found this printable activity sheet for the kids and we had a coloring contest.
 The kids had their own table

The weather was so nice that the kids played outside almost all day- strange for November.