Thursday, August 4, 2011

Young women cheese factory tour

We took the young women on a tour of a cheese factory in Heber Valley. It was fun to do something out of the ordinary with the girls. We learned a lot about raw milk and how cheese is made. I have always been a huge fan of raw milk- the health benefits are numerous and years ago when I was having some health issues- I was put on a diet consisting of raw milk and a few other strange things, and it helped me a lot.
We saw where they do the milking- they milk about 170 cows twice a day and each cow produces about 8 gallons of milk a day- wow that's a lot of milk!

They use different tools to stir and slice the cheese
This guy is making mozzarella cheese
These are the milk bottles they wash and use for the raw milk which can be bought on site.
They make lots of different types of artisan cheeses: some with fruit, some with salsa, and some with chocolate.

Little Kiana is almost as big as this cheese wheel
This baby calf will someday produce milk for us to drink- pretty cool.

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