Friday, August 26, 2011

Sunday in Washington

Our Sunday started with some amazing slugs. We were all amazed by the size and color of these little critters. Simeon is showing his hand next to one to show how enormous they were- very cool.
We got ready for church
And off we went to hear Uncle Norwin and cousin Barrett speak at the same meeting- it was such a good meeting and it was so fun to hear them both speak about having His image in your countenance.

After church the kids did some more exploring in the amazing yard.
We had a fabulous dinner and took it easy for a bit before we headed off to the lake house.
Again, arriving at the beautiful lake house was like entering another realm of beauty. It is called Lost Lake located near Shelton. It was warm water and very cute with houses and docks surrounding the lake.
Simeon just had to run out there first thing.
The adorable house reminds me of a doll house or a bird house with it's cute yellow paint and white trim.
Norwin has done a lot of improvements to the property like bringing in loads of little gravel and adding rocks out a ways to create a beach.
Olivia's bedroom had a little shuttered window
Tom and Laurel enjoying the comfy couch
I could go on and on about the little details of this little house. The bathtub and toilet were so adorable, my kids didn't know this is how they used to be.
This is the bedroom for Petter and I with a little balcony and perfect view of the lake
This is the view from our bedroom. Norwin also added the sand, boulders and the fire pit which makes it perfect.
Petter, Tom and Norwin chilling out on the deck. Petter said I was like a Chinese tourist- I was so fascinated and amazed with everything I saw.
Karen decided we needed some blackberry cobbler for dessert- I had no idea they grow wild all over the place there.
Norwin and Karen made our first night at the lake house so magical- the kids loved having a fire and sitting around talking.
And practicing the splits
Simeon almost has it
Our amazing uncle, Norwin
Olivia was ready for cobbler, it was delish
And again, enjoying the little details of this house- look at the miniature seating- perfect for a tea party
We wrapped up the night saying good bye to the older folks- they stayed and Norwin and Karen's house
And snuggled up for a bedtime movie

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