Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vacation Continued... A day at the lake

First thing in the morning the day after crabbing, everyone ran down to the lake.  It was such a perfect, sunny day
 The kids were still in their jammies but wanted to hang out a little with their feet in the water looking at this beautiful, quiet lake
 After breakfast, canoeing
 paddling (or peddling?)
 fishing (he's trying to convince me that a little pebble is a fish)
 and floating.
 After lunch, Barretts wife, Brandi came with her kids and the kids played and played some more

 They even caught a snake and let it go in the water.  This was one of my favorite days of our vacation, I read, napped, talked with Brandi (whom I love), swam and lounged.
 After the party left, we drove a little while to Hoodsport for some dinner.  We ate at a combination burger/chinese place
 and then went exploring a little in this cute town.  We walked down a long pier and watched some people fish and try for some crabs.  This is an inlet of the ocean and I love how it feels more like a lake with the trees on both sides.

 The small area by the water had tons of clam shells- the kids loved how one side is so smooth and the other is rough and full of barnacles 

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