Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not finished yet... Seaside Oregon

So the night before it was time to head home I couldn't sleep.  I laid there thinking that we came all this way and my kids only got about 4 hours at the actual ocean- that is not enough!  So I got up in the morning and announced (hoping anyone would agree) that our trip was not over and we needed to go to Seaside.  Luckily Karen and Laurel liked the idea and were very supportive, we just needed to talk Petter and Tom into it- which, we did.  So we said good bye to Karen and Norwin (sniff) and hit the road again.  Let me just say that they were the best hosts ever and we love them dearly.

We stopped in Astoria, Oregon (where Kindergarten Cop was filmed) and visited the Maritime Museum (well it was too expensive so we just walked around the outside and the gift shop) where there was a lot to look at and explore.  The beautiful bridge in the background goes across to Long Island.
 The kids thought this propellor was a playground

 Love this pic of Pet and Sim- look how they have their heads together.
moss and algae can be beautiful!
 Once we got to Seaside, we parked as close to the water as we could and ran as fast as we could to the water.

 Once we reached the water, Sim stripped down to his undies and ran the entire time like a ping pong ball bouncing around

 still running
 I don't know why but the ocean makes me want to walk, and reflect, and relax.

 The fog was starting to set in
 The kids loved playing in the tide pools where we saw some jelly fish!
 We went and got some dinner, checked into a hotel and explored some more.
 Our hotel was so cute- it's the one in the middle and our bedroom is the one on the top left- great views.
 We walked and ran and played until the sun went down
 The girls liked to jump over the waves
 A baby sea lion was on the shore, we thought maybe it's little flipper was stuck so Petter tried to dig it out a little.  

 Love silhouette pictures
 Our hotel in the middle with the fog taking over.

We absolutely LOVED this day! So glad we stayed!

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