Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vacation finale

Before heading home we decided to make one more stop to see if we could get a good look at a lighthouse.  We drove about 10 minutes or so to Cannon Beach (what a cute place!) and then drove over to a viewing area where we were supposed to get a good look at Terrible Tilly or the Tillamook Lighthouse.  The lookout spot was a scorched piece of land that made us feel like ants under a magnifying glass- doesn't Sim look like he's having the time of his life?
 There is a lot of interesting information about this area- those big rocks in the background (or haystacks) are actually lava rock.  Apparently the lava flowed down the Columbia river and settled there when it hit the ocean.( I need to do some more research on this- how long ago, etc.)
 And there is the lighthouse- that tiny speck out in the water... that's Terrible Tilly- a bit anticlimactic if you ask me, but at least we got to see it.
Thoughtful, sweet Karen could sense my fascination for lighthouses and actually found a little one for me at the antique store and gave it to me as a present- We love uncle Norwin and aunt Karen!  We had the best trip ever and loved spending it with Petter's parents- they were so much fun and such a big help.  We will be returning to this beautiful part of the country again... hopefully soon.

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  1. Looks like a fantastic vay-cay!!! Beautiful pictures. You are sooo talented!