Friday, September 16, 2011

Tracy Aviary

In August we went on sooo many field trips (thanks Rio Tinto).  We had a lot of fun taking my 2 nephews to Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City.
It was right before school started for the boys but it had started for most of the area so the park was almost empty.  The kids loved all of the crazy props to pose with (there were more, but I think one is enough) 
 I hadn't been there since I was a kid and I was impressed with all of the different exhibits and the variety of birds to see.  One of our favorite was the owl exhibit (must be because of Harry Potter) they had a fun tower to climb and get a better look around.
 At the bird show, we got to meet an emu and all of the kids were called on as volunteers (since they were just about the only ones in the audience)
 We learned about how strong a chicken egg is so the kids got to place weights on top of the egg

 It ended up holding about 50 pounds of weight!

We used the buddy system and Tate and Sim were buddies and took their job quite seriously.

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