Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Bean museum has no beans...

I am an idiot.  Really, an idiot.  We started a little neighborhood preschool group for Simeon and we go on lots of fun field trips.  This field trip was to the Bean museum.  On the drive there the kids kept asking me what the "bean" museum would be like, I obviously had no idea and wondered if it would indeed be full of beans(like unusual ones or something).  To my and the kids' delight, it was not full of beans, but full of animals- stuffed animals.  They also had a reptile show (which seemed kind of random, but good)  where we met a turtle,
 held some snake skin,
 felt some strange things,
 and found a trumpeter swan!!!  Because of one of our favorite books, this swan was a huge hit.

I would absolutely recommend a visit to the bean museum at BYU, and just across the parking lot is the creamery where they have delicious ice-cream.  Perfect field trip.

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