Friday, September 16, 2011

This is the place...

We love visiting This is The Place park.  It is a great way to see what life was like for the early settlers of our area and to get a taste of their daily lives.  Every time we visit, they have different buildings open so we can learn something new each time.  This time the one room school house was open.  We visited after school had started for most kids so the crowds were down.  
 The kids got to write on real slate tablets
 We also learned a whole new alphabet that made it easier for people who couldn't speak/read english.
 Our teacher was very nice and treated the kids like they were a real class- they loved it!  When we left Simeon told me that the man smelled like Norwin (his new bff)- so cute!

 They got to do a pony ride
 and pet some pigs and goats in the petting farm
 we rode on the train
 visited a mini version of a boat a lot of the pioneers came across the ocean in
 and the highlight of the day: Panning for gold!

 They each got to keep 5 pieces of gold (which they put in their pockets and lost in the laundry).

 They also got to do some old fashioned chores.  I think we all decided we are glad we live today and appreciate all the pioneers had to go through.

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