Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oozing with talent...

This year we had our First Annual Christmas Talent Show.
I showed the kiddos how to make Norwegian ornaments- Landry treated hers like a little purse.

My poor mom just had surgery so she just kinda sits around.  Love the candy cane cast!

We drew names to see who would go first and Tate was the lucky guy.  He acted out the book How The Grinch Stole Christmas- it was adorable.

My brothers sang an awkward but entertaining song.

Jayda played and sang.

Sim sang the Iron man theme song and showed some Superhero moves.

I played the harmonica while my girls danced.

Holden sang "Rudolph"

Mom and Dad sang a Christmas song.

Holly and Adrian sang and danced. It was a great party- Olivia also played her violin but we didn't get a pic of it.  The biggest surprise was that my brother Dan, who has been in China for the past 8 years came home for Christmas!

Back at home, I play Christmas music all day long and the kids dance all day long.

He is obviously getting his groove on- sorry about the scanty clothes- he feels more like a Superhero dressed this way =)

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