Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day!

Christmas morning came quickly and the kids were thrilled to see what Santa brought them.  They all got amazing things and if Santa didn't bring exactly what they wanted, they got it from grandparents.  
After the kids saw what Santa delivered, we got dressed and ready to head out for the day.  First we went to my parents for brunch.
Simeon was sooooo happy to get some more super hero jammies (a kid can't have too many)

My dad gave my brothers and Petter some exercise clothes, which of course, they made into a joke.  It was like watching some creepy Saturday Night Live skit.

Andy freaked everyone out by his ability to make himself look pregnant.

We brought our new Just Dance game for the Wii.  It was so fun to watch everyone try it.  Dan and Jayda had a great time dancing till they dropped.

From there we went over to Petter's parents house for more presents and dinner.

My little cook got a new cook book.

A quiet moment where father and son spend some time on the couch.

Christmas was wonderful!  I feel so blessed to have my family so close by that I can see them all in one day.  It was a great day made even better by grateful, happy kids and moments of fun throughout the day.  I heard my two oldest say more than once "this is the best Christmas ever!"

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