Wednesday, December 22, 2010


For Christmas my mother-in-law gave me an early present.  When we moved here she gave me this beautiful grandfather clock but it has never worked.  So for Christmas she had Antonio come over to fix it.  He still has the face and the guts but says it should be finished by Christmas.

He is this adorable man from South America who is a clock maker/fixer, just like his dad and grandfather were.  It was very interesting to watch him take it apart.

I can't wait to hear the gong and see it put back together.

New Tradition
My friend Dianna told me about what she and her kids do with their letters to Santa: they burn them!  The idea is that they get to the North Pole faster and when they arrive they are magically put back together.  My kids loved the idea so we did it- it was great!

 Bernie and Bella were there so they burned her letter to Santa too- what a great idea! Thanks Di

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