Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun Fall

Before the snow hit, we went for a drive up American Fork Canyon.  It is one of my favorite canyons because the trees make a canopy over the road so it almost feels like driving through a tunnel.  It was pretty chilly, and so gorgeous.  We stopped at the Timp trail and started walking toward the cave- we saw so many colors and had a great time.  My family is so beautiful!

 I feel like I could just squeeze those cheeks!

Evening of Excellence
Last week we had our Evening of Excellence for the young women.  I don't know if I've mentioned how much I love my calling as Young Womens President- it is such a great calling, although it keeps me very busy and a bit stressed.  Our theme for the evening was "Fear not, only believe" and the young women each either shared a talent, personal progress experience or read a scripture or quote.  We wanted everyone to be involved and I think it went really well.  I was amazed at the talent these young women possess and the depth of their testimonies.  They are good girls and I am so privileged to be able to work with them and with the other leaders.
At the end the young women all sang the song "Child of Light" they sounded great!
 We had an amazing group in charge of decorations.  On each table was a different scripture and there were flower arrangements on all the tables as well.

Halloween Party
For the ward Halloween party, I went to my go-to costume and I must say it looked pretty good.  It could actually double as either Frankensteins bride or the White Witch from Narnia.  It's so easy and works so well, I think I should patent the piece that's holding my hair up.  Petter dressed up as Nacho Libre and of course pulled it off nicely (pictures soon) and as a couple we actually won the costume contest!!!! (I'm leaving out the part that only two other couples dressed up- so the competition wasn't really big)

First Snow
 We had our first snow this week! It snowed two days in a row but it hasn't stuck.  Simeon was so excited the first morning that he ran outside in his bare feet!

Olivia has been teaching a little preschool class to 3 little neighbor girls once a week.  This week they had their Halloween party.  Olivia and Jayda made a special video for them to watch, played games and decorated brownies.  It was pretty cute.

Uncle Kristian gave the kids a ride home from Grandmas lastnight and poor sleepy Simeon fell asleep in the car.  Kris carried him inside and he kept on sleeping.

Lastnight we also had one of the most beautiful sunsets.  It looked like the sky was on fire.  My photo doesn't do it justice.

I feel so blessed this time of year for my family, friends and the weather.  

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