Thursday, October 28, 2010


There's a warm fuzzy feeling I get inside when I'm driving around and I see all the signs up for the upcoming election.  This year more than most I feel a good feeling about those who are running and those who I hope get elected.  Morgan Philpot, Mike Lee, and Jason Chafetz on the U.S. level and of course Howard Stephenson on the local level are the ones I'm rooting for.  Since we've moved away from Draper, I still feel more interested in what goes on there than in my own area (I need to get more involved here).  I am unabashedly a conservative and that, I guess, makes me a republican.  I feel like incumbent Chafetz has already made some big changes and is one of the only Representatives who doesn't earmark and calls Obama on his crap, and I have high hopes for Philpot and Lee who both seem to have the "right" way of thinking.  As always, I am very proud of my dad, Senator Stephenson- he is an amazing man full of honesty, integrity and not afraid to stand up for what's right no matter how many people he offends.  

At Draper Days some of the grandkids rode with him dressed as super-heroes.

That little pink power ranger is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! And she was so thrilled to be passing out candy.  I hope the polls are packed this year and that the right people get elected.  I loved hearing about the man running against my dad who made flyers that said "Vote Dave Hogue, or don't vote!"  what a ridiculous thing for a wanna be statesman to say!  Please vote, I know I will.

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