Sunday, October 17, 2010


On Wednesday we went to the Hogle Zoo.  Although Hogle Zoo is a rather lame zoo, we had a great time.  We went with my mom (Nana), Adrian and her kiddos.  Fall is a great time of year to go: most kids are in school and the weather is nice and mild.

Jayda wasn't as impressed by the stench as she was by the turtles.

Nothing says fun like climbing on a bronze statue of a tiger...
or gorilla.
Taking Olivia to the zoo always reminds me of the first time we took her there.  As new parents with our first child, I felt like it was waiting too long to wait 6 months to take her to the zoo- I wanted her to experience everything and see everything.
Child number three wasn't like that at all.  The poor kid is almost 3 and this was his first visit to the zoo.  It's funny how things change and how you realize that they won't remember it till their a bit older anyway.  I think he is the perfect age for a first visit to the zoo.
Jayda loved the playground and is getting so good at monkey bars and rings.
When we dropped my mom off at her house we did a little produce shopping- in her beautiful garden.  We got leeks, swiss chard, parsnips and carrots.  I went straight home and made some yummy soup.
Friday night I got to go out with some of my girlfriends.  They are the group of girls I grew up with in my same ward.  Heather lives in Emmett Idaho now so we don't see her very often (not that we get together that much with the ones who live close either) so we thought it would be a good time while she visits for her dads 70th birthday (happy birthday Josiah).  We met up at Pei Wei and had such a great time talking, and talking, and talking.  I am so impressed with how those girls turned out.  We all have had our struggles, whether it be financially, with kids or marriage, but they are all strong women with strong testimonies of the gospel who are raising their children and figuring things out.  I love how we all turned out to be hard working, down to earth mommies.  It was great to see them and remember that we were once clueless, rebellious girls.

Saturday Petter decided to take the kids fishing again but this time somewhere they would have some success.
So he took them to a fish farm and they caught some fish!

Olivia and Simeon were the only two who went with him while Jayda stayed home to "take it easy" as she said.  Olivia and Simeon both caught fish, small fish, but still fish.  Petter is such an amazing father- he told me yesterday that he's been trying to figure out a hobby that he can do with his kids and he decided that fishing is it.  I love that he makes them such a priority. 

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