Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Phewsh- October is over!

I'm soooo glad October is over! I love the fall and the chill in the air etc, but October was soooo busy, I'm still trying to catch my breath!  The girls thought our Halloween decorations were not quite up to snuff so Petter bought a bunch of spider web stuff and a giant spider.  The girls spent the better half of a day setting it all up, they did an amazing job!

Then of course, the annual carving of the pumpkins.  The greatest thing about the pumpkins this year is that they were all from our yard.  We had a volunteer pumpkin plant that produced 2 really big pumpkins and 2 smaller pumpkins- so we didn't have to go and find any.

Simeon really wanted an Iron Man pumpkin so I did the best I could with what I had to work with:

Jayda directed Petter in the carving of her pumpkin;

Olivia's little friend came over for a piece of the action

Jayda started piano lessons and we bought a little keyboard.  She loves it so far and spends hours making stuff up- it's pretty great.

On Saturday Sonia put together a party at our house for the kids.  She was quite the entertainer: she had cupcakes to decorate, pictures to color, a bunch of crafts, pin the tail on the wild donkey and a bunch of other stuff going on.  The kids absolutely loved it, and it was a great way to kill time while they waited to go trick-or-treating.

Here's the Witch Diva herself

Uncle Kris had a Viking costume so Sim tried it on

Bella with her spooky creation out of clay

It was a really rainy night so I opted to stay home and answer the door and Petter and his mom took the kids out to beg for candy.  It was pretty funny, Simeon had been wearing costumes all week that by the time the actual event came, he didn't really feel like dressing up so he put on a breastplate that he won as a prize from the party.  So we have Princess Laea (sp?), a knight and a witch.

Ready to go!

Sunday was actually Halloween and we had another party at our house with my side of the family.  We have a tradition of making "Witch Finger Breadsticks" with green skin and warty fingers, and an almond for the nail.  My kids have gotten pretty good at making them, we kind of have a system.

Here's the cooked finger. Holden wouldn't eat one because they look gross.

Andy and Adrian provided the doughnut eating fun for the kids.

On this day Sim decided to be Spiderman and Papa was the Lone Ranger.

Here we have Superman, Indianna Jones, and Merlin the Magician (Adrian did a great job on that costume)

So over all October was fun, fun, fun but so much work and a lot to clean up- I'm glad Halloween isn't for a whole year! Now for Thanksgiving and Christmas....

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