Sunday, October 10, 2010

Home life,Canning and Fishing

We have had a busy few weeks around our place.  Homeschool is rolling along nicely and Olivia made a huge accomplishment.  She would be in 3rd grade if she were in school, and she just finished up 3rd grade math.  We have started the new 4th grade math book and she is starting to learn division- We love Math-U-See and how wonderfully the lessons are put together and how easy it is to progress from one concept to the next.  Goodbye the Gamma books...

One of my young women came around selling apples for a fund raiser, so I bought two boxes- or in other words 40 lbs.  So I thought it would be a great time to make and bottle applesauce.  I was quickly reminded why I haven't bottled applesauce for about 10 years:  it's very time-consuming and not very cost effective.

So 6 or 7 hours and 40 lbs. later and it only made 12 bottles!!! Needless to say, I was a bit frustrated!  So then I got the brilliant idea of bottling something I wouldn't have to pay for so we went to my in-laws and picked a big box full of grapes to make juice.  This only made 4 bottles but it didn't take very long and was absolutely delicious- so for next year I will definitely NOT do applesauce and definitely WILL do grape juice! :)

Luckily I had helpers and while I slaved (literally) over the applesauce, I watched a movie, so time didn't drag on like it could have.

The weekend of the bottling fiasco was also General Conference weekend.  It was so great to be able to spend time with the family and listen to the Prophet and the Apostles and other leaders speak.  I was touched to tears several times by the beautiful music- it was so inspiring and amazing.  I loved to listen to President Thomas S. Monson and hear his sweet antidotes and stories and to be taught by his wonderful spirit.  He is truly a messenger from God.  While we listened we tried to keep the kids occupied with their hands.  Petter and Simeon hung out on the floor coloring, and building and resting.  I painted Jaydas nails and knitted an adorable scarf for Olivia (in orange, her favorite color)

The following week, the bottling fun continued.  My mom called begging me to take some tomatoes off her hands (they planted a beautiful garden) so she gave me two big rubbermaid boxes of tomatoes and since I had so many empty bottles (from the lack of applesauce) I decided to involve the girls and spend the second half of the day (after we finished school) bottling tomatoes.

We made a great team:  I would boil and peel the tomatoes, and the girls would quarter them and put them in the bottles.  I also realize that my girls need decent aprons (Christmas present idea)

We ended up using all the bottles I had left- about 32 bottles- and we had a great time while Duma (the dog) lounged on the warm tile.

On Friday of this past week, Petter went in to work early and got off early and surprised the kids with a fishing trip.  We drove up beautiful American Fork canyon, up to Tibble Fork and fished for awhile.  Petter had a busy time getting all the poles ready and setting the kids up.

He even bought Simeon (who is obsessed with all things superhero) a new Spiderman fishing pole.
The mountains were so beautiful and clean and cold!  I pointed out some snow on the top of the mountains and Jayda told me that the mountains look so "cute" with a little snow sprinkled on top- hehehe- she's pretty funny.

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