Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Halloween was maybe a little too much fun this year.  We had party after party, dressed up a million times (well, more like three or four) and ate a bunch of junk.  Jayda decided to be a ghost with chains (I think it's the ghost of Christmas past, but I could be wrong)
 Simeon went back and forth between a cowboy and Darth Vader.  For one of our parties, we made lots of gross treats: jello worms, earwax q-tips (marshmallows and carmel), bloody band-aids(graham crackers and frosting).  For another party we made mouths(apples, peanut butter and marshmallows) and witch fingers(breadsticks with almond finger nails).  Most of the treats and ideas were found on Pinterest- have you discovered this place?  It's pretty great!
 My friend Carrie came and helped make the treats- we decided that the worms were pretty awesome, but a lot of work and not a lot of yield.
 the bloody band-aids were better to feed a crowd.
 We had a party with my family and most everyone dressed up- here Simeon is a mix between Superman and Buzz Lightyear.  
 My sis brought a new friend (wink, wink)

 The kids played games and got prizes
 And of course- trick-or-treating!
 Jayda tried really hard to stay in character as much as possible.

 Sweet Olivia was Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter- She pulled it off pretty well, I think.  The kids were lucky to have such a warm wonderful day on Halloween- the next day, it snowed.

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