Monday, December 19, 2011

Big Birthday Boy

Petter had a birthday right as I was getting over being sick- I had a head cold/sinus infection and a stomach bug at the same time- miserable.  His birthday was pretty low-key because of me.  We made delicious homemade pizza (one barbecue chicken, one spicy pepperoni and one cheese) and had apple dumplings instead of cake.  The food was delish.
 The kids gave him lots of love
 Olivia is joining a chess club so she takes every opportunity to practice, and my dad was into it.
Olivia has been learning songs on her Uke and played a little for her daddy.  I'm lucky to be married to a man who works so hard, supports me and the kids homeschooling and all the other things that keep us busy, spends quality time with all of his kids, is fun to be around and just an all around great guy.  Happy Birthday!

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