Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Birthday Girl

My Olivia turned 10! That's double digits!  I can't believe I have a daughter that old!  She is such a sweet girl with so many talents- she's good at most things she tries.
 Another thing that I love about homeschooling is that we can play the whole day when a kid has a birthday- especially if it falls on a Friday (we take Friday off)  This lucky girls birthday landed on a Friday so we partied all day long!  She is really into Hawaiian things so she got a Ukelele and...
Spent the day shopping for clothes, eating lunch at Nordstrom cafe and went surfing. We went to Flowrider in Ogden- what a cool place!
 Both girls were so excited to try the boogie board or the surf board
 But Jayda was finished after one try (I think it went a little fast)
 Olivia was way into it- she got really good at the boogie board

 and tried really hard at the surfing- I think she'll get the hang of it next time.
 We had her dinner of choice: honey baked ham and funeral potatoes.
 And of course, Grandpas cream cake for dessert.
She also got to have a friend late-over with a few of her best friends- birthdays are awesome!

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