Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Birthday boy

My little superhero, Simeon, turned 4!
 He loves all things superhero and all things that require building.
 He had such a fun day: a birthday party with friends and cousins, and a little party later with family.  
 He had a superhero party- they played pin the cape on the superhero
 He got some great presents
 There was even a visit from Nacho Libre with some helpful tips and superhero moves
 more tricks

 Olivia wrote a song for his birthday and sang it with the help of Jayda and Bella
 Addison was here for Thanksgiving from Arizona
 Both sets of grandparents came
and the best part: Lemon Bundt cake! (he has grown up taste buds- we had shrimp for dinner)
Sim took a really long time thinking of a wish before he blew out his candles- hope it comes true!

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