Friday, June 3, 2011

Girls Weekend

I had a great, much needed weekend. My wonderful friend, Dianna, who is a single mom raising 4 amazing kids, and I decided to get away from those wonderful kids and my husband and spend some time doing nothing.
In all the nothing we did, we actually did do some things. We went to St. George, where the weather was a bit warmer, we drove the back way around Utah Lake and enjoyed some beautiful scenery. We discovered Geo Caching- which I totally got into- she didn't feel as passionately as I did about it but we still did it and found a few hidden in strange places. We went on a hike in beautiful Snow Canyon where some of the trails were closed so that turtles could procreate (who knew?). We lounged at the pool for a few hours on the one day that was sunny reading books and magazines. We went and got pedicures, went to dinner, napped, layed around, watched movies, ate some more.

On the chilliest day of our little trip, we went to two movies in the theater (I've never done that before), and did a bit more geo-caching, shopping, and eating. It was so lovely and fun to spend time with my great friend, I felt like I could go back to my family with new energy and motivation. I highly recommend taking a break from the norm and going on a little outing with a good friend, you'll be glad you did.

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