Thursday, May 26, 2011

Good Books

As a family we finished Stuart Little. It is a great book filled with imagination and humor. We all loved it and enjoyed the special treat that it was a rather short book (sometimes we need a quick one). After finishing that book, I absolutely fell in love with E.B. White and we are now in the middle of Charlotte's Web. I don't know how, but the author completely captures what an animal is probably thinking and saying. We will move on to The Trumpet of the Swan next. I love the relaxed style to Whites writing and the ease and comfort my kids and I feel while we listen to the words he has written. I find myself smiling all the time we read.- Definitely recommend this book to families.

I just finished reading These is My Words, by Nancy E. Turner. We read it for book group for the month of May. I enjoyed the book and loved visualizing life as a pioneer woman in the Arizona territories. It was well written and an easy read, I think I read it in three days.

My personal highlight of books for the month has to be The Goose Girl, by Shannon Hale. I absolutely looooooove this book. I will buy it and have my girls read it, it's so good and inspiring and uplifting. I love books that transport me to another time and place and make me think about the characters as though they are my own friends. The Goose Girl is now on my favorites list. It is very thought provoking and reminded me to be grateful for my trials, and to remember who I truly am. It is the first book in the Bayern series, and I would love to read the rest of the series. This morning I started another book by the same author, called Princess Academy. It is more of a juvenile book, but I feel like I need books like that sometimes. So far it is a delightful book.

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  1. My girls loved Princess Academy. I've also heard These is My Words is really good. I think I'll read the Goose Girl next. Thanks for the reviews.