Friday, June 3, 2011

Lake Powell

So after my fun weekend in St. George, I had my friend drop me off at my cousin (and BFF) Crystal's house and we drove straight to Lake Powell to meet up with my parents and kids. We have the best set-up: we have kids about the same age who love each other and think of each other as cousins. It was so perfect because they entertain each other, making my job much easier.
The weather was kind of sporadic with bits of sunshine and then bits of wind.
We spent plenty of time looking at the giant fish at the marina.

We had to kill some time while my dad got some work done so we went on a walk and let the kids splash in the freezing water. Later we had the best day ever!!! We went to a beach that had kind of a sand bar so it was really shallow about 100 yards out into the water. The kids made sand castles, swam, walked as far out into the water as they could, dug holes, and played for hours. In the meantime, Crystal and I soaked up the sun, read a little, talked, and relaxed while my parents lounged in the boat. It was perfect.

We had our usual talent show

And had a few laughs.
We put the car on the ferry to shorten the drive back home.
It was a great trip, my kids cried when it was time to leave. I can't wait for next time when the weather will hopefully be nicer, and the water warmer.

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