Friday, March 11, 2011

Yesterday, Olivia went to Liberty Girls. It is an amazing little group of homeschool girls who read books and get together to discuss them and learn things from the book. This semester they have been reading about Josefina (An American Girl) and learning some skills or things from the time period of the 1820's in New Mexico. Yesterday was Olivias favorite day ever- they learned how to spin wool into yarn on a spinning wheel. She was really into it and can't wait to knit something up with her new yarn that she spun herself.
Sweet Jayda had a great day with my mom riding horses. I feel so lucky and blessed to have a mom who loves the outdoors and animals, and loves to share her love with her grandkids. Last week she took Olivia on a big long all day ride, and yesterday she took Jayda. Jayda was so excited to go and didn't complain a bit on the ride and kept the other ladies on the ride entertained. Growing up I did a lot of riding and I'm so glad that my kids get to enjoy it as well. When it gets warmer we will all go together, after making sure Simeon has plenty of Benedryl (he's allergic to horses). Maybe someday we can get horses of our own, but for now this is a pretty great set-up.

I finished a few knitting projects while my camera was out of commission. I finished several hats for friends' babies. I absolutely love this pattern for baby hats- it's easy and quick to do, I can put whatever pattern I want into it, and it has the cute little top. It's a Debbie Bliss pattern (I love her patterns) and I bet over the past few years I've made at least a hundred of them.
It'll be soooo cute on a little boy. Last week at Young Womens, we had a huge Personal Progress Party so the girls could get a bunch of things passed off in one night. I brought some needles and yarn in case anyone wanted to learn how to knit and do it for one of their projects. I think I ended up teaching 8 or 9 girls and moms how to knit- it was great! Made me want to start a knitting club or something... we'll see.

We finished the second book of the Little Britches series, Man of the Family. These books are amazing. They teach lessons and are very entertaining, about a boy and his family in the early 1900's. It is the #1 book series that I recommend to moms wanting to read something fun to their kids. The first book, Little Britches is a definite must read, and the others are icing on the cake. We will start the third book on Monday, and I can't wait. My hubby got me the whole set for mothers day last year- perfect present!

I rarely make things for myself (I'm working on improving this) but I actually did make myself a big, chunky, cozy scarf. It was knitted with chunky yarn on size 17 needles so it was a pretty quick knit. It has fun little bobbles on it and I'm trying to decide if I want to add fringe on the ends or not. I wear it around the house when I'm a little chilly and I get compliments on it when I wear it out- I'll make some more maybe in the fall/winter for gifts.
Homeschool is going smoothly, we have a few little recitals coming up: violin, piano and dance. Spring is in the air, I'm excited to start working in my yard, planting and weeding, and I'm starting a new book group. Petter and I are training for a 1/2 marathon, I think we will do the one at Bear Lake in the first part of June. I'm excited for warmer weather and time at the park, I love living in such a beautiful, amazing place.

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