Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years Outdoors

The New Year is here! We had a fun time ringing it in with family and friends. My dad brought over an old TV/VCR that isn't getting used anymore so we pulled out some old movies and the kids camped out on the floor.

Petter had one more day off of work so we decided to go up AF canyon again and go sledding and snowshoeing. It was amazingly beautiful and nobody was up there (most kids went back to school) so we enjoyed some peace and quiet.

All that space between the boys and the trees is frozen lake.

The girls mostly just rode the sleds down a great hill.

Livi got her braces last week- her smile looks cute!

We had a bit of excitement up there. Simeon couldn't get up a steep hill so Petter had to pull him up.

And a boot came completely off. We actually thought we'd lost it in the snow- it was completely buried- but we found it.

Here's the snow covered sock.
We had a great time and got a bit worn out so we headed down the mountain and went to a movie. What a great day! Now we are back to the old routine: exercise, homeschool, lessons, practicing, yoga, ballet, gymnastics, scouts and young women's. The break was great- we'll have to do it again soon.

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