Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Life without a camera...

I'm going crazy!!!
My camera wouldn't turn off so it kept draining the battery.  I took it in to get looked at by the camera doctor and they said 4-6 weeks!!! Yikes!
So much going on that I want to take pics of:

  • Finishing up the painting in the kitchen- just finished the island in cheery blue.
  • Just finished an adorable scarf with bobbles
  • Two baby hats- finished one yesterday and gave it to some friends with a baby on the way, the other is in the works and will probably be finished and gone before I get my camera back.
  • Started a new book "Wild Swans" by Jung Chang- so far it is beautifully written and very enlightening about communist China and the government control on the individuals there before the death of Mao in the late '70's.  It talks about three generations of women and their struggles and triumphs- I'm excited to read it.
  • Simeon wore the tie I knitted him to church on Sunday- sooooo adorable!
I will see if blogging is even possible without my camera- It seems funny to talk about all this stuff but not be able to show it as well.

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