Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Workout Plan!

So, I'm an exercise nut. I love getting outside, running inside, lifting weights, doing pushups, yoga, pilates, whatever it is, I love exercise.  December was a bad exercise month- at the beginning of the month I had a horrible head cold and then when I was feeling better, I hurt my wrist (my hubby says it was from over-knitting). Now that I'm feeling good, and my wrist feels better, I'm back on the exercise train, or wagon, or whatever.  My fitness goals are basically to fit into my clothes better (December made everything a bit tight) and to feel comfortable in a bathing suit.
Here is what my new plan looks like:

Monday: a.m- Circuit training with weights (great program Danny at 1-800-contacts put together for me)
               p.m.-Yoga (teaching at 1-800-contacts)
Tuesday: a.m- Run (I'm doing a marathon training program)
                       Pilates Reformer- 40 minutes or so working on intermediate and advanced stuff
                p.m- Yoga (teaching at 1-800-contacts)
Wednesday: a.m- Circuit training with weights
 Thursday:  a.m- Run
                           Pilates Reformer
Friday: a.m.- Circuit training with weights
Saturday: a.m. Run (usually a longer run)
                       Yoga (teaching at ballet studio)

A goal I set for myself this year is also to "play" more, so the kids and I do other various active activities throughout the week (snowshoeing, swimming, walking etc.)  and we play on the wii a lot especially our new game Just Dance 2.  So I think 2011 will be a great year of exercise.  I'm focusing on eating proper portions and more protein/fewer carbs at the end of the day.  Good luck to me!

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