Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I can still have fun without a camera...

I have been using my iphone's camera since mine is out of commission and heres a few of the events I captured:
My little angel is really into permanent markers lately.  He decided make himself look more like Daddy and draw a goatee (that's how it's spelled- I looked it up) and some eyebrows- what a little jewel he is.

The girls and I had a fun time doing this little art project one day during homeschool last week.  I saw the idea in a magazine and decided to do it ourselves.  We got a few different kinds of wrapping paper and I drew love-birds and hearts and the girls cut them out.  This is one of my favorite wall hangings now because it makes me think of my sweet girls and their effort to cut it all just so.  I love the little imperfections when I look up close- I think this might be a keeper year round instead of just at Valentines.

Simeon wore the tie I made him to church last week and I got a cheesy picture before we went out the door.

My wonderful Father-in-law painting the island in my kitchen- I adore the color!

Here is the finished product from the other side- it looks so clean and nice now!  We do have a drawer issue though- somehow we can't get that one drawer to straighten up- I think it must be in the wrong place- hubby to the rescue!

We got to go to the most wonderful night at the Symphony.  We felt so fancy- we got to go to a reception before the show and the Hotel Monaco and eat some goodies.  Then in the lobby they were auctioning off these amazing painted violins- the front and the back of all of them were decorated with amazing artwork.

We had AMAZING seats! 1st tier, 2nd row- we could see everything so well.  It was a great date with Olivia in tow.

The Symphony was fabulous and we all really enjoyed every minute of it.  There was  a cute couple sitting next to me- they were probably in their 70's and being so sweet and affectionate with each other.  I of course (if you know me you won't be surprised) leaned over to them and mentioned how cute they were and asked how long they had been together (beforehand I was imagining that they had this romantic relationship over several decades or something) "two years" was their answer!  I was a little surprised and said "Well, you're keepin the love alive!" If only we can all be that way after 30-40 years- that's my goal.

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