Friday, November 19, 2010

...and another Birthday!

Every once in a while as a special treat, we change the homeschool venue and load all of our books upstairs and sit at the kitchen table.  It's funny how much more attentive the kids are when we sit in a different location.  I love watching Olivia help Jayda, I think they both learn a lot that way.

Olivia is getting really good at knitting.  She is making presents for cousins and friends for Christmas and just finished her first scarf.  She's gotten pretty quick at it too.

My oldest daughter had a birthday yesterday! I can't believe my baby is 9 years old.  It's funny how whenever I have a birthday, I feel exactly the same; but when my kids have birthdays, it makes me feel old.  I looked at myself in the mirror and I think I see some wrinkles.  I get almost a depressed feeling the day after one of my kids birthdays: wondering if the birthday was fun/magical enough, wondering if they felt special, and in a way, wanting time to stop so they don't get any older.

We had a great time re-decorating her room for her birthday.  We rearranged the bed and dresser, added a bedside table, lamp, some wall decals, new bedding, and Grandma gave her an awesome dish chair to lounge in.  

Her favorite color right now is orange, so we tried to bring orange into everything.  Her cute new duvet cover, sheets, and bedskirt are pretty cheery.

For her birthday, she also wanted a haircut.  My sister, Holly does a great job and I love Olivia's sweet face with bangs.

I'm glad I captured this moment with Olivia and her Grandma- they were playing an impromptu duet together.
We switch off and do a party with friends on the even years and a family party on the odd years.  This year was an odd year, and she wanted her favorite foods: scones and mashed potatoes, finished off with Grandpa's special cream cake.

We had the party at Petter's parents house.  Olivia wanted to have a pie fight but settled for this alternative: a piece of gum hidden in a pile of whipped cream, first one to get the gum wins. Although, really in this game, everybody wins.

It was really cute to watch, some of the kids were shocked that this type of eating was allowed.

Simeon thought that was the way to eat for the rest of the night, so he went ahead and dove right into the cream cake.

One of my favorite Birthday traditions that we do is favorite things (adopted from Petter and his family) where we go around the room and everyone tells their favorite thing about the birthday girl. Papa talked about how she makes good choices in every situation even if she has to tell an adult that she's not supposed to listen to a certain type of music or watch a certain movie.

Here I am telling my favorite things: I love that she's so responsible, such a great big sister, such a great helper, a great entrepreneur (she has her own preschool and makes $3 a week) and I'm happy to be her mom.

Happy Birthday Olivia!! 

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