Thursday, November 11, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy...

While the weather is deciding whether it's Fall or Winter, I didn't want to leave beautiful Draper and the trees there.  I'm sure I've mentioned how I miss Draper... I'm sure we'll end up back there some day.  The Lindon trees at my in-laws house are absolutely breathtaking so I snapped a pic looking up.

We threw our kiddos up in a flowering pear tree- gosh my kids are great!

My sweetie Petter and I in front of his childhood home- love that place!

My dad turned 60 this week (woa, that is really old) so my mom planned a bunch of surprises for him.  She brought him to Holly's salon and since he doesn't have any hair he wasn't sure what he was having done, he was thrilled that it was an hour massage- lucky!  Then in the evening they went on a date up to Sundance and the Foundry Grill and Surprise!- all his kiddos (minus the one in China) were there to pig out with him. (notice Adrian's cute new hair cut)

Then on Sunday we had a party for him with the Grandkids.  It was a Superman themed party due to his obsession with all things Superman- he even got a new Superman lunchbox and T-shirt (did I mention he's 60, not 6?)  

What a cute bunch of kids!

Olivia has to get braces, so this week we started the journey... she got a special appliance to spread her bite and in 6 weeks she will get the official braces.

My sweet (and spicy) Olivia is turning 9 next week (I have a 9 yr old!) so for her birthday I knitted her a special scarf- in her favorite color ORANGE!

When I started making this scarf I thought it was the hardest thing I had ever made, but once I got the hang of the loop pattern, it was actually pretty easy and awesome! I'm definitely going to make more in different colors, and much longer.
I just love the loop pattern- so cozy!
Even though my life is sooo busy right now with homeschool, young womens, yoga, pilates, places to take my kids etc.  I feel so blessed that I have such a full life and that I have people I love so close.  I am thankful for my kids especially this time of year when I can think and reflect about the day they were born (Olivia and Sim both have birthdays) and the blessings and joy that they have brought into my life.  I just love 'em!

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