Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

Our weekend started out great- on Thursday (not technically the weekend, I know) we went fall shopping for clothes for the kids- everyone was happy about that.  Friday we had a full day: we met dad for lunch at his new work (he just started working for Rio Tinto), we went to Tio the mexican restaurant across the street from his office and enjoyed some time with daddy and Grandma Laurel.  After lunch Laurel and I hung out with the kids by the splash pad and took the kids for a treat.  She watched the kids while Petter and I went to the temple.  What a lovely, wonderful, peaceful place!  Everytime I go I am reminded of God's love for me personally and I am always amazed at the simple, organized way the temple operates.  We did sealings and it was so fun to hear the words that were spoken at our wedding ceremony and be reminded of the blessings and promises that are mine if I am true to my covenants.  After the temple we met up with Dianna and Bernie for dinner at Pei Wei- yummy- good food, good conversation, good time! I absolutely adore Dianna and take any opportunity I can to hang out with her and enjoy her easy-going fun personality.  
Saturday, I got up early and went running, then headed off to teach my early morning yoga class at the girls ballet studio.  When I got home we decided to take dad swimming and show off some of Simeons sweet moves.  Simeon fell in love with my swim cap and wore it for most of the day and keeps wanting me to put it on him even at home.  On the way home he was still wearing his swim cap and fell asleep in the car, when I got him out of the car he was dripping sweat and his head was still soaked but he wouldn't let me take it off- funny boy.

We are dealing with a bit of neighbor drama here at the home-ranch: our neighbors' little girls like to mess with our mail (this is like the 5th time) and they've destroyed netflix dvd's and things in the past, yesterday they opened all our bills, a paycheck and various other mail and tore most of it in half! We are so fed up with them (we've talked to their parents several times about the problem, I've talked to the kids about it and nothing changes) so tomorrow we are going to buy a locking mailbox.  Thursday the little girls got their dad's handgun and took it outside and were pointing at other kids etc. so the police came and dealt with that problem- luckily it wasn't loaded.  We are struggling in our family to be kind and neighborly yet not allow them to take advantage and destroy our things.  Next phone call if something happens again is the police or DCFS.

On to lighter subjects: today (Sunday) has been a restful, relaxing, wonderful day.  We had a crock-pot dinner waiting for us after church and then enjoyed some reading time while the kids were in quiet time. I am reading "Little Women" and feel like I'm in heaven with every paragraph.   I've read it before but it's so different to read a book as an adult by choice.  I love Jo- she's the one I'd have gotten along best with and I love how blunt and funny she is.  I love reading classics and love to talk about them and apply them to my everyday life.  The other day I said that I hated something and someone said "that's a strong word"  and I thought of Jo and how she says "I like to use strong words that mean something".  Love, love, love that book.  It's particularly pleasant after my last book "Last of the Mohicans" which is sooooo good but action packed and gory, but very enlightening and educational.

I have been neglecting one of my most loved activities: knitting.  I haven't done any projects this whole summer and am starting to get the bug with fall coming.  I keep thinking of the hats, gloves, pillows, and socks that I want to make- I really want to learn fairisle knitting - so maybe I will. :)

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