Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last Bash/ First Day of Homeschool

Lovely Labor Day I spent the day preparing for our first day of school: writing the schedule on the white board, going over lessons, organizing books and putting a new battery in the clock.  While I was organizing books, I realized that I needed some adjusting of shelves so my wonderful hubby came to my rescue.  It's amazing with just a little adjusting, now I can fit everything and still have room left over. 

I now have an organized bookshelf and everything is within reach- phew.

With the planning and preparing finished, we were all ready for a little fun.  We attended the Thanksgiving Point luau and had a great time.  I was surprised a bit by the size of the crowd- there were soooooo many people and the line was ridiculous!  It was a good opportunity for Petter to explain to the kids that this is what Disney Land is like.
We each got our own lei, had a pretty yummy dinner...

and enjoyed a great Polynesian show.

Jayda making a tuna fish face
Olivia is my budding fashion designer and showed me some of her creations with the flowers
I think this is my favorite picture of Simeon and his little paws.  He loves to cuddle up in a "nest" and if it ever got messed up he would stand up and say, "My nest is ruined!".

First Day of School
So my kids have an absolute favorite breakfast: scones- seriously who doesn't love fried dough?  So I surprised them with scones for breakfast.  Few things make me happier than when my kids gobble up what I cook.

School went pretty well for the first day, it's always a bit tricky starting up and getting back into the routine of waking up early and getting our bodies and brains moving.  Math was the biggest struggle but I know that we'll get it once our brains wake up!  We did a little science/history experiment and started making salt blocks like they used to make houses out of in the middle ages in Ghana (ours are a bit smaller :)) We filled up ice cube trays with salt, got them wet and set them out in the sun.  The salt started to harden and dry and we were feeling excited about our little project until the neighbor girls (previously mentioned) came and destroyed them.  That'll teach us not to leave things on our front porch :(

It was still pretty fun and I think the kids got the idea of what it would have been like.

I'm feeling so blessed that I get to stay home with my little ones and teach them and learn from them.  I love that we spend all day together being productive and then we get to go play/relax/dance or whatever.   It's a pretty great set-up =)

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