Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sim Swim

Simeon, my adorable 2 year old got his gold medal from his swim school.  It was amazing watching him learn and love swimming.
He learned to float on his back all by himself- they teach them to flip over so that they can get a breath and then keep on swimming.

He had the best teacher ever- our lovely Brooke Thomas- it was so fun that she was his teacher because we grew up in the same neighborhood.

Here he is with his new gold medal!  He wore it for days straight and now just likes to carry it around.

I was so proud of him for being such a big boy and becoming such a great swimmer!

Project of the week: Paint the mirror-
I had a big dark mirror in the front room that was too dark for me so I decided to paint it....
bright blue!!!! It looks really good now, especially since my Father-in-law is painting the room a light yellow(my favorite Yellow Flicker by Benjamin Moore) and getting rid of the shiny brown that was on the walls.

Simeon has a new obsession with Iron Man- he thinks that if he takes off his clothes it makes him look more like Iron Man- so he's usually not dressed.  Here's a moment when I caught him with a little something on- he was lying on the stairs "reading".
My sweet Olivia has had the best attitude for the last few days.  She is so great to get her school work finished and seems to enjoy all the new things we are learning.  She is doing great at Latin and it's fun to see her little brain grasp that the words we are learning are the root or the base of the language we use today.  She is such a good reader and I'm glad I caught her in a moment where she was into her book.  She is reading Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder (love her books) and it's a pretty difficult read but we /she is getting through it.

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  1. Jamie - I can't believe Simeon is only two years old in that pool picture, he looks so l-o-n-g !!!!! Anyway, I love your turquois picture frame! We wrote down the name of your yellow paint in case we want to use that color. Maybe take some pictures of that room after it's painted! Cool Blog! Love that Olivia is into her reading! Love, Karen