Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birthday Girl!

My Jayda is now 6!
In celebration of the blessed event, we made a balloon banner to hang across the front porch. I've decided it will be a new tradition, it's super easy, cheap, and so cute and fun! For the instructions on how to make it click here
Little Lady also got herself a new bike. A few weeks ago she decided she was ready to try the whole two-wheeler thing and within about 2 minutes, she was pedaling around the block, the park, and wherever else she could go. The other bike was a really cheap little thing and was hard to go up hills, so we grabbed this mini mountain bike with gears. She has been smiling ever since, and first thing in the morning, every morning, she wants to go ride the bike or her new roller blades.
We let our kids have birthday parties every other year, so the big ones: baptism, young womens, drivers license, adulthood, all get a big party. She was adorable trying to think of her "wish". She picked everything for her party: individual homemade pizzas, pinata, my famous lemon bundt cake (which each kid had at least seconds or thirds- big hit!) and musical chairs.
It was a great day.
Jayda is one of the most thoughtful, kind, loving children I have ever met. She is always thinking of others and even when she is offered something, she wants to get extras for her brother and sister. She is always singing or skipping or dancing, and she makes my life happier and more full every day. Love that girl!

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  1. Happy birthday to that cute girl! Love the balloon idea!