Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week of Recitals

This week we had a whirlwind. We had three recitals in three days (like some kind of recital marathon). Wednesday both girls performed with their Spotlight Kids group, which is a little musical theater group that our neighbor and friend runs. The girls loved being in the group and learning songs and dances.
They performed "Everybody Wants to be a Cat", and "Hush-a-bye". Olivia even had a solo and did a great job.
They make some pretty cute little cats.

Our most stressful event of the week was Olivias Suzuki book 1 graduation concert. We invited friends and family and had it at our house. She played well but was a bit nervous. She got flowers from her teacher and her Nana, and received a certificate of completion. I'm relieved this little landmark is over so she can start learning other music without a concert looming over her head.

Jayda had a piano recital on Friday. It was held at our church and there were a lot of other kids there who performed. I can't decide if she looks excited or nervous here.
She played beautifully, and was the only one who took a bow at the end- so funny.
I'm thankful for wonderful teachers who are training my kids to be music lovers and music readers. I'm sooooo glad this week is over, I have a hard time dealing with my kids performing- it makes me more nervous than it makes them!

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