Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Bunny

We had an AMAZING Easter weekend. We went down South to St. George to visit my Grandma in the hospital (having some stomach trouble, had to have surgery-not doing too well). We are so fortunate to have my cousin and her hubby living in Cedar City so we had a place to stay and someone to watch the kids while Petter and I visited my Grandma. From there we drove back to Cedar, grabbed the kids, my cousin Crystal and her kids and headed a little North to Beaver. Jairus (Crystal's hubs) has a house that he does some maintenance work on and when he does, he can bring his family to stay for free. We are technically family so we joined them. I am still kicking myself for forgetting my camera (I had all that Easter stuff to pack, so I wasn't as focused as usual) because the amazing weekend we had can be properly expressed in words. This "vacation" house belongs to a couple who live in Australia and vacation in Beaver, Utah (huh?). They have equipped the house with everything anybody could want or need (from child to adult) including a zip-line, playhouse, putting green, 3 decks, fire pit, trampoline, lassoes and fake cow, fooz ball, air hockey, pool table, I could go on and on. Jairus is currently working on building a climbing wall and bucking bull ride. My kids cried when it was time to leave. We ate some yummy food, toooooo much candy, enjoyed the outdoors, stayed up way too late, and basically had a dream vacation- we only saw the kids when they were hungry because they were playing so hard. Hopefully we will do it again soon.

Before our lovely weekend, I noticed Simeon carrying around this bunny for days. I knitted it for Jayda when she was a baby (now turning 6) and it was one of my first tricky knitting projects. I'm happy to see that almost six years later, this little bunny is still getting some love and hasn't come completely unravelled.

My kiddos loved coloring eggs- I think we should do it for more holidays than just Easter, it's so fun. And deviled eggs are always good.

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  1. Lucky! We did ummm, nothing. Happy Easter to you guys!