Sunday, April 3, 2011


Every once in a while as a mother I am able to catch glimpses of what heaven must be like. This weekend has been one big glimpse. Yesterday we spent the whole day in the yard weeding, raking, getting flower beds ready, and enjoying the beautiful warm weather. Today, although it snowed several inches over the night, that glimpse is still going on. It is Conference weekend, where we are able to hear our Prophet and Apostles from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints speak about the things God wants us to hear. This morning the talks focused a lot on loving one another and treating others with love and kindness. I loved watching my kids sharing treats, markers and relaxing with the sounds of music and word in the background. While I knitted and Petter relaxed we all listened.
I found a great activity packet for Olivia to do while she listened. It had questions about the topics of the talks, what songs were sung and different pictures and word searches for her to do. I think it kept her attention pretty well and she kept asking me "have they talked about Jesus, or the atonement yet?"
Jayda's primary teacher brought her a bingo game to play and skittles to place on the squares when she hears them speaking about certain things. It was so cute and it kept her very interested.

I love hearing words of inspiration from our church leaders. I love the extra motivation that I feel to be kinder, better, more obedient, patient and loving.

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  1. Conference was pretty great. I can't believe you're still getting so much snow. It was 97 here. :/