Friday, February 4, 2011

Henry and Ribsy

As a family, we are always reading a few books at a time:

-An audio book in the car
-The scriptures
-A fun reading book for family reading time
-Several other picture books for smaller kids

Right now we are reading the second book in the Little Britches series, Man of the Family, by Ralph Moody. If you haven't read the series, it is a must! It is so entertaining and has so many valuable teaching moments. We are almost finished with The Book of Mormon and are in the book of Ether.

The absolute highlight of the week though, was today while on our weekly Friday treat run to the gas station. We have been listening to Henry and Ribsy by Beverly Clearly, and just finished as we pulled into our garage. I know it's a good book when my kids are begging me to turn it on and shushing each other so they can listen. When I was younger I read most of Beverly Cleary's books, but this one I never read. My kids laughed out loud several times, and even cheered and clapped at other times! Yay for books!!!! Even my 3 year old little boy was engaged and interested, and using his imagination! Love it! Henry and Ribsy is a definite thumbs up!

I am feeling in such a mood for Beverly Cleary (and feeling a bit under the weather, I'm supposed to run 6 miles tomorrow- might have to put it off till Monday) we stopped at the Redbox and rented "Ramona and Beezus" to watch and lay around the rest of the day. Thank Goodness It's Friday!

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  1. Jamie, Your blgo is the cutest, had to follow. :) Love the design. Read more later, in middle of putting on a party.