Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas surprises

Christmas morning the kids woke up around 8:00 and were so excited to see what treasures Santa brought them- they patiently waited at the top of the stairs until we said it was okay for them to come downstairs.

 The biggest gift this year was a biggie for our family: Disneyland here we come!  The kids each got a Mickey t-shirt and a fun disney bag to store things.

 They all got new slippers 
 And the holiday wouldn't be complete without at least one injury.  Simeon felt like he could fly and decided to try it- he jumped from the top stair all the way to the bottom (11 stairs) and had a little crash landing on his head.  We are lucky it was just a goose egg and not a concussion.
 My dad got all the older kids their own ukeleles- Olivia taught them two songs to play and they gave us a concert- sooo cute!
 One little member of the audience wasn't so impressed.

I love that the kids love music and are trying to learn new things- how fun if they all practice and can play together.  We had a full, blessed Christmas and I felt so grateful for all that I have and the amazing people in my life.  I am constantly reminded of the amazing gifts and blessings that these kids are and how much fun they are to be around.  For Christmas I got things that make me seem old: a tea kettle and some new sweats- it's all I wanted!

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