Sunday, October 2, 2011

Egyptian Art

For art this week we learned about how the ancient Egyptians used to do their art inside the pyramids.  They would usually draw pictures of everyday life- like harvest time or something.  They would measure a grid pattern and draw on the grid pattern directly on the wall.  So we did it too.  It was good because the girls had to measure, plan and work together.  They decided to draw a happy memory, so they drew about our trip to Washington state.  

 While the girls worked, Simeon made things inside with blocks- which I'm so glad he has been interested in doing lately.

The final product turned out great- they included the beach, the lake house and the seal we saw on the beach.  I am surprised at all the different methods and techniques involved in art- I love that I'm learning a thing or two as we do this homeschool year.

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